Private Helicopter Pilot License Training

Private Helicopter Pilot License Training Costs

The holder of an Private Pilot Helicopter License may act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot for any type of helicopter endorsed on one's license.
Minimum Cost$24,085
AGE:Candidates must be 17 years of age to hold the license
MEDICAL FITNESS:Assessed as fit to hold a Category 3 Aviation Medical
KNOWLEDGE:Applicants shall complete at least 40 hours of groundschool and written examination by Transport Canada
EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 45 hours of flight training in helicopters which shall include the following:
- 17 hours dual instruction, including 3 hours cross country flight training and 5 hours instrument training
- 12 hours solo flying, including 5 hours cross country with a flight of at least 100 nm
SKILL: Successful completion of a flight test to the standard outlined by Transport Canada
COST OUTLINE:45 hours in Robinson R22 @ $495 / hour
Books and Equipment
Enrolment Fee
Language Proficiency
Licensing Fee
Written Exam Fee
Flight Test Fee
Medical Exam

Flying Package

We do offer various packages thanks to our diversified fleet.  One popular option is to complete the majority of the training, including the flight test, on the R22, and the remaining hours on either and R44 or Bell 206.  Ultimately, you can design your own package with the combination of hours and helicopter that most suits your desires.

Hourly rate for the Robinson 44 (instructor and fuel) : $750

Hourly rate for the Bell 206 (instructor and fuel) : $1125

Instructor rate training on customer's machine : $175 per hour

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