Helicopter Night Rating Endorsement

The holder of an Private Pilot Helicopter License, Daylight Only Restricted Commercial or Air Transport Pilot Licenses may add the Night Rating then act as pilot-in-command, or co-pilot, for any type of helicopter endorsed on one's license by night as well as day.

Night Rating Cost Outline

Minimum Cost$9,955
PREREQUISITE:A current Canadian Helicopter Pilot License
MEDICAL FITNESS:As required by license held
EXPERIENCE:A minimum of 20 hours of flight training in helicopters with at least 10 hours at night, including:
- 5 hours dual, including 2 hours cross country training
- 5 hours solo flying, including 10 take offs and landings
- 10 hours instrument training
SKILL:Successful completion of a qualifying flight within the previous twelve months
COST OUTLINE:20 hours in Robinson R22 @ $495 / hour
Endorsement Fee

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