Come fly with us ! We offer helicopter tours out of Campbell River, Vancouver Island for all budgets, starting at only $49 per person.


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Summer 2017 with 49 North HelicoptersSUMMER 2017 on Vancouver Island / Helicopter flights from 49 dollars! That's the kind of experience you get when you come fly with us! Check for more info! Edit by Tyler Cave Productions

Posted by 49 North Helicopters on Sunday, May 28, 2017

49 North Helicopters is a Canadian helicopter company based at the Campbell River, BC airport since 2007. We provide various helicopter services including heli skiing, longline and external load operations, sight seeing and photo flights, fire suppression, various heli adventures and helicopter flight training.

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Experienced Pilots and Instructors

Our experienced instructors have a combined flight time of 28,000 hours and counting. They are active working professionals, from 3 countries, who provide current real world aviation experience. We are not only a helicopter school. Since we are also an active commercial charter company, you will get a first hand look at how the helicopter industry functions. Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada is located in an operational environment where helicopters actually work. Canada has the largest fleet of helicopters in the world, click here to see Our Fleet.

Diverse and Operational Training Environment

90% of the work in the helicopter industry is done in remote environments. Here at 49 North Helicopters we have various terrain within 15 minutes of flying; mountains, beaches, docks, helipads are all nearby, while still being near a control tower so you will also get experience working with the radio. Less travel time to actual training environments means more efficient hours for your money.

Helicopter pilot careers are various and year-round. Opportunities like exploration and transport for oil and mining companies, scientific research explorations, servicing remote communities, heli-logging, longline and external load operations, aerial construction, heli-skiing charters, and fire suppression await our graduates.

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